Previously known as Receipt Bank, Dext is an application that’s great for letting users upload all purchase invoices into Cloud Accounting software such as Xero, Quickbooks and Sage, by simply taking a photo.

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What Does Dext Do?

Dext allows you to quickly snap a picture of paper receipts, invoices and bank statements and capture all of the information from your receipts, including the date, supplier, total spent and tax amount. This saves you time by removing the need for manual data entry. Dext also allows you to connect with over 1500 suppliers such as PayPal, Amazon and Vodafone to automatically track invoices.


How Does Dext Help Me?

Dext helps to simplify your bookkeeping by removing the need to manually add the information from your receipts and invoices into your accounting software. This saves you from keeping paper copies and receipts as a PDF backup of all invoices is created.

The ease of capturing the information from your receipts and the integrations that automatically pull in your supplier invoices means that you’ll naturally track more of your expenses which you can later claim back.

As an example, you might have bought some materials from the merchants and not added it as an expense, as the hassle of adding this is might not feel worth your time. However, with Dext we can take this hassle completely away by linking it to the trade merchant direct, meaning you don’t even need to keep the receipt, Dext will receive it directly! This means you’ll track more of your supplier costs and be able to claim the VAT back on more of your costs.



How Can Steven Burton & Co Help Me?

Here at Steven Burton & Co, our team will help you use Dext to capture all of your receipts and invoices, and we will help to integrate Dext with your other cloud accounting tools such as Xero, Sage and Quickbooks. The seamless integrations mean you don’t have to worry about managing multiple applications as everything will be available in one place.

Our team can then use this information to help you reduce your supplier costs by spotting any wastage and doubled up costs. We can also make sure that any VAT costs are accounted for and claimed back saving your business money.

At Steven Burton & Co we include the cost of your Dext account within your monthly fee so there’s only one bill to pay and no extra invoicing to manage.

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