Recording your financial transactions is a crucial part of accounting. As bookkeeping experts in Essex, we will Digitise your books annd streamlines this process, making every step of what we do constantly up-to-date and accessible to you. This not only means that we can problem-solve in real-time, but we will help to save you time and money in the process.

Raising & Sending Invoices

When it comes to running a business, you are the expert. But when it comes to accounting, that’s on us. When you start with Steven Burton & Co, you don’t need to worry about reformatting your invoicing procedure. Our knowledgeable team will get to grips with your system, promptly creating and delivering your sales invoices with efficiency.


Posting Sales Invoices

We’ll keep your debtors list up to date by regularly posting your sales invoices into your system. We are committed to giving you the most accurate and up-to-date information so that you can make the most savvy business decisions.

You run your business like a pro, time to run your accounts like a pro - Keeping track of your finances is a full time job when you’re running a successful business. You run it like a pro, so run your accounts the same way and let Steven Burton & Co take this on board.

Debt Collection & Client Relations

In some sectors, settling invoices needs more management. We will ensure that outstanding payments are chased up professionally and sensitively, so that you are paid whilst maintaining client relations.

Posting Purchase Invoices (with Dext)

We use Dext software to efficiently post your purchase invoices into your accounting system, ensuring your payables list is always the most up to date possible. Find out more about our Dext integration.

Bookkeeping review

We know that however fastidiously you enter data, reviewing the bookkeeping is essential in identifying missing, duplicated and erroneous transactions: we go beyond data entry to review this regularly, to give you data you can trust. We want to find the best solutions for you, which is why we use the best team and the most efficient technology.

Posting Purchase Invoices

Your payables list will always be up to date with us, which is an important part of bookkeeping. We’ll regularly post your purchase invoices into your accounting system. We could even set up a purpose built email address so that your suppliers could send their invoices there, for simplicity and ease of management.

Bank Reconciliation

We will regularly update your bookkeeping software accounting system, reconciling this with your bank transactions so that you can trust the information. This’ll give you a completely up to date list of receivables, payables and financial reporting.

Built on cloud accountancy:

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